Welcome to Chengdu Xinwujie Photoelectric Technology co. LTD !


Chengdu Lasercreate Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in Chengdu, Sichuan in 2013. With Civil-Military Integration as our development strategy, our products are widely used in Autopilot Control, precision Machining, scientific research, as well as, military laser navigation and laser jamming.
      Our projects, such as laser illuminators and long-range laser range finder are developing rapidly especially for the military industry
      Product advantages:Our products are all installed and sealed in 10000-class Cleaning Room, according to the GJB standard, we have put them through some reliability tests such as high and low temperature test, impact and vibration test, and road transportation simulation test, these are carried out to ensure the long-term stability of products in various complex environments.
      Research and development capabilities:Since the establishment of the company, the team has accumulated rich experience in high-frequency laser drive circuit, optical design, high beam quality laser light source design, photoelectric detection and product reliability design, We hire well-known experts and professors as technical consultants from the domestic optoelectronic industry, which guarantees that the company's product development cycle is short, product performance is stable and quality is reliable, our products  also keep up with the optoelectronic industry to meet the special needs of customers.
       The company has obtained 7 utility model patents,7 invention patents, successfully applied for the national high-tech enterprises certificate, and passed the national military standard quality system certification.
       In 2019, the company reached an investment agreement with Harbin Institute of Technology Science Park. Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the seven famous military schools, and leading in the national defense. Not only did the university undertake many military projects, but also has alumni throughout the military and defense system, this investment agreement is bound to promote